As dive deep into winter, our skin can take a severe beating. Dry skin is common, but can be especially common in the winter months. Humidity levels drop during the cold winter months which can cause dry, itchy, inflamed and dull skin. Along with dry winter weather, we also have the damaging affects of pollution, especially if you live in a large metropolitan area. Here are 5 easy ways to have incredible skin all winter long. As a bonus, I included my go to skincare routine that includes natural skincare products and keeps my skin well hydrated and glowing all winter long.

5 Tips for Incredible Winter Skin

1. Stay hydrated. You many not be as thirsty during the winter as we tend to be less active. However, you still need to drink lots of water to make sure you stay hydrated. It is incredibly important if you wish to have good skin, really good hydration is something we should work on all year long.

2. Use a humidifier. Indoor heating is a hot mess for your skin, literally. Dry indoor air not only dries out your skin, it also dries out your nose, eyes and lips. Set your heat to the lowest comfortable setting and use a humidifier, which will help replace some of the moisture in the air. I prefer to leave one on at all times but using one in your bedroom while sleeping also works.

3. Exfoliate. As your skin loses moisture, you need to help with skin cell turnover by exfoliating. It will allow moisturizer to penetrate more deeply and will brighten your skin. Slough off dead skin with this easy Homemade exfoliator. I like to do this on dry skin before I turn on my shower. Be gentle. 

4. Moisturize. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Winter is the perfect time to use a thicker or heavier moisturizer. If you have oily skin make sure you chose a formula that is non-comedogenic.

5. Have a consistent skincare routine. A skincare routine can be as complicated or as simple as you make it, as long as it works for you. Do you have the time for a 10 step Korean skincare routine? Go for it. Only have time for a face wash and moisturizer, fine. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent and it works for your skin. 

Here are skin care routines for Dry, Oily and normal/combination skin. Links to each suggestion item are below!

Dry Skin Care Routine

one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five  | six  |  seven  |  eight  |  nine  |  ten  |  eleven  | twelve  | thirteen  |  fourteen  |  fifteen 

Oily Skincare Routine

one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five  | six  |  seven  |  eight  |  nine  |  ten  |  eleven  | twelve  | thirteen 

Normal Combo Skin Care Rotuine

one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five  | six  |  seven  |  eight  |  nine  |  ten  |  eleven  | twelve  | thirteen  | fourteen 

How does your skin react to dry winter weather? What is your skincare routine? Are there any products or brands that you love? Let me know!


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